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New Year 2017

Dear partners, employees, and inhabitants of Yugra!

The 2016 Year comes to the end. This year was rich in the events: both pleasant, and tragical ones; both events that offer hopes, and troubling events. In response to the increased risks, the most important task for us was to maintain the main strategy, which we have selected, as well as the drive for results.

Our enterprise closes the 2016 year with positive dynamics in respect of many indicators. The investment policy, which we have selected, will make it possible to increase revenue in the next year, attract new investors, and create new work places.

Standing on the threshold of 2017, I wish to all of you new successful projects, consent in your families, and good Siberian health. Be happy! Happy New Year!

The Foundation for Future Generations has Submitted to the Duma the Report for its Activities for 2015 and 9 months of 2016

On November 16, the Foundation for Future Generations of the KMAD (within the framework of the «Parliamentary Hour» in the Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District) has presented the Report on the Financial and Operating Activities of the Foundation for 2015 and 9 months of 2016.

Taking into consideration the economic crisis enhancement in 2016, the Foundation for Future Generations has maintained its conservative policy, which is aimed at conservation and preservation of assets and at achievement of the predetermined goals concerning development of the production infrastructure of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District.

In accordance with the results of operation during 9 months in 2016, gross earnings of the Foundation for Future Generations were increased by +4.6% as compared with the previous year. Growth of the earned net profit is equal to +16%.

Net asset value of the Foundation for Future Generations was increased by 18.8 million Roubles during 9 months in 2016, and it is equal to 3,704 million Roubles.

International Investment Forum

The Generations Fund took part in the IV International Investment Forum named «Industrial Projects in Russia — 2013″ which was held in Moscow on 25th July. The annual Forum has become the most important event in the field of industrial building construction and localization of manufacturing in Russia. The main topic of the Forum was financing of industrial parks and creating conditions to attract investment. Gleb Nikitin, the First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation, and Sergey Belyakov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russian Federation, represented the country announcing the necessity of the state to participate in the development of industrial parks and to improve the system of state financing of industrial projects. Gleb Nikitin also highlighted the importance of the certification procedure of the Industrial Parks Association and suggested to form a national standard for an industrial park which will be determined by the legal texts.

The final of the Biathlon World Cup is over

Gestern endete der Biathlon-Weltcup in Chanty Mansijsk. Im Zusammenhang damit wäre hier die Erzählung erwähnenswert, wie es von Anfang an ging. In 1997 investierte der Generationenfonds 1400 Mio. Rubel in den Bau vom Zentrum für Wintersportarten. Im Dezember 2000 wurden Stadion, Schießenstand und Tribünen für über 10 000 Zuschauer in Betrieb gesetzt.

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