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Anatolij Kisselew

Dear partners, employees, and inhabitants of Yugra!

The 2016 Year comes to the end. This year was rich in the events: both pleasant, and tragical ones; both events that offer hopes, and troubling events. In response to the increased risks, the most important task for us was to maintain the main strategy, which we have selected, as well as the drive for results.

Our enterprise closes the 2016 year with positive dynamics in respect of many indicators. The investment policy, which we have selected, will make it possible to increase revenue in the next year, attract new investors, and create new work places.

Standing on the threshold of 2017, I wish to all of you new successful projects, consent in your families, and good Siberian health. Be happy! Happy New Year!

09/01/2017 года

New Products of the MDF Plant in Mortka Settlement

Beginning from November 01, «MDF Plant» (Medium-Density Fiberboards is the main kind of products) in Mortka Settlement has begun to manufacture new kind of products – High Density Fiberboards (HDF). Output of these new products has become possible at the expense of new technological infusions, which were developed by our engineers, as well as due to application of new kind of resins. High-density fiberboards, which are manufactured by «OOO MDF Plant» («Zavod MDF» Limited Liability Company), comply with the highest quality and environmental safety requirements.

The first batch of the high-density fiberboards in the amount of more than 1 thousand cubic meters (17 rail freight cars) was already produced and it will be shipped to the relevant partner from the Republic of Azerbaijan.

At this very moment, our enterprise is engaged in active negotiations with many partners in order to sell high density fiberboards in other foreign countries, as well as in the domestic market in Russia. Managers of the Plant hope that this new fiberboards will be a real competitor to the imported similar products due to the most comfortable prices and the already achieved quality of these products.

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