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Anatolij Kisselew

Dear partners, employees, and inhabitants of Yugra!

The 2016 Year comes to the end. This year was rich in the events: both pleasant, and tragical ones; both events that offer hopes, and troubling events. In response to the increased risks, the most important task for us was to maintain the main strategy, which we have selected, as well as the drive for results.

Our enterprise closes the 2016 year with positive dynamics in respect of many indicators. The investment policy, which we have selected, will make it possible to increase revenue in the next year, attract new investors, and create new work places.

Standing on the threshold of 2017, I wish to all of you new successful projects, consent in your families, and good Siberian health. Be happy! Happy New Year!

09/01/2017 года

The final of the Biathlon World Cup is over

Gestern endete der Biathlon-Weltcup in Chanty Mansijsk. Im Zusammenhang damit wäre hier die Erzählung erwähnenswert, wie es von Anfang an ging. In 1997 investierte der Generationenfonds 1400 Mio. Rubel in den Bau vom Zentrum für Wintersportarten. Im Dezember 2000 wurden Stadion, Schießenstand und Tribünen für über 10 000 Zuschauer in Betrieb gesetzt.

In 2002 the construction of the modern press center and new team rooms were completed. In 2003 for the first time in the history of Russia the Biathlon World Cup took place in Khanty-Mansiysk. And since that for 10 years, every year in the early spring we meet members of the final stage of the Biathlon World Cup.

The subsidiaries of the Generations Fund actively take part in the organization of biathlon games. As provided by the established traditions teams of sportsmen are accommodated in the house of the hotel complex named «On the seven hills». Nutrition of athletes is our the most important task and pride. Our best chefs and waiters participate in that process. There are two day and night restaurants — one is in the main body of the hotel and another is a restaurant named «Freestyle», where press conferences take place. There is where sportsmen, rested after racing, spend time with fans and media.

Returning from the World Cup held in Sochi, I can say with certainty that Khanty-Mansiysk deserves to be the capital of biathlon. Only we can organize well the opening and closing of the final stage of the World Cup, and only in Khanty-Mansiysk you can see people standing up for the IBU anthem. The city breaks attendance records — there are a lot of people from different countries. Everything impresses here from the competitions to presentation of the traditional cake to winners by the chef of «Freestyle» restaurant.

The next Biathlon World Cup will take place in Khanty-Mansiysk in 2015, so we have two years to reach a new level of quality of carrying out competitions, renovating infrastructure of the hotel service and recreational area.

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